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1.  9 to 5 (6th-12th)

2.  Keep Your Head Up (K-5th)

3.  Life Me Up (K-5th)

4.  This is Me (K-5th)

5.  Count on Me (K-12th)

6.  Sweet Caroline (6th-12th)

7.  Little Shop of Horrors Medley (6th-12th)


1.  Bill Huynh

2.  Audrey Rosolomana


1.  Fame

2.  Shake Your Groove Thing

3.  Phantom of the Opera

4.  She Used to be Mine

5.  Rhythm of the Night

6.  Mamma Mia

7.  Singing in the Rain

8.  Grease

9. Sweet Dreams

10. This Will Be an Everlasting Love

11. Nicest Kids in Town

12. Michael Jackson Medley

13. I Like it Like That

14. Cuban Pete

15. Proud Mary

16. Finale

Meet Our Production Staff

Special Thanks

Giovanny Castillo

Billy Stevens

Alexandra Drapkin

Melina Negrete

Karolina Ochoa

Heather & Jay Parkin

Victor Garcia

Amanda Valladolid

Tulane Joseph

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