School Supply


Our Mission:

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence" -Maria Montessori

We commit ourselves to helping children and teens to develop a positive self-image and to develop into a self-directed and self-disciplined person. CCPAA's mission is to foster independent thinking in a creative and challenging environment, by providing a diversified curriculum with an evolving and innovative framework of high standards in arts-integrated teaching and learning. 

Our Culture:


We are a small private school, which proves to be a great alternative for many families looking for a more intimate learning environment for their children. We are able to provide individualized curriculums and ample one-on-one time. Our intimate campus provides an environment for faculty, staff, and students all to know one another and develop strong relationships. This sense of family and community in our school fosters students to feel more positive in the classroom, which allows them to grow comfortable sharing their ideas with their peers. Not only do students learn to speak up in class, but also, the strong bonds students develop with their teachers and peers can help them to develop strong relationship skills that will benefit them later in life.