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We are thrilled to announce that admissions for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year are now open, and we invite prospective parents to embark on this enriching adventure with us.

Admissions Process Overview:

 Online Application:

  •     Begin your journey by completing our convenient online application. Visit our website, fill in the necessary details, and submit the form to express your interest in enrollment.


Contact from Admissions Department:

  •     Once your application is submitted, our dedicated admissions department will reach out to you promptly. They will guide you through the process and answer any queries you may have.


Schedule a Tour:

  •     Get a firsthand look at our vibrant campus! Schedule a tour with our admissions department to explore our facilities, meet our dedicated staff, and experience the unique learning environment we offer.


Visit Day (Optional):

  •     For a more immersive experience, consider scheduling a visit day for your student. While optional, it provides an excellent opportunity for your student to experience a typical day at the Children’s Creative and Performing Arts Academy and further understand our unique approach to education.


Submission of Required Documents:

  •     Complete the admissions process by submitting all necessary documents. These include academic transcripts, immunization records, and enrollment paperwork. Ensuring the timely submission of these documents is crucial for securing a place for your child.



  •     To secure a spot for your student, a nominal application fee is required for new students in addition to the first tuition installment as a deposit. This deposit serves as a commitment to enroll your student and reserves their place in the upcoming academic year.

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